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The CSI Break Room

A CSI RPG Meta Community

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Welcome to the Multiverse CSI RPG meta community.

The purpose of this community is to bring together CSI pups/muses from various RPG or writing communities. This communitity is META, which means things here will not effect any game play in your various communitities. If you want to take something out of meta, please take it to a personal journal.

Multiple copies of each character are welcome. That was sort of the point of this communitity. Just imagine your character meeting an AU version of themselves. Fun, right?

Please do not attack other players. We all love CSI. This is just a friendly place for pups and writers to meet each other. We are all entitled to see the characters a little differently, and this is just the place to share your vision with other writers. Play nice and be respectful of others. Anything deemed malicious will be deleted and the poster will likely be banned.

In order to post in this community, you must be affiliated with some game somewhere and you must post with the pup's LJ. Please label any posts that are made out of character (OOC).

Please post any spoilers behind an LJ cut labeled SPOILERS. For the sake of clarity, anything to do with the current season is considered a spoiler.

Last Rule: Do NOT go into someone else's game. That character may already be in play and it's just wrong to disrupt someone else's fun.

Feel free to advertise for your RPG. You can also advertise if your game has characters open so others may apply.