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Hi folks. I'm Allison. Like Greg, I'm a chemist. I think he does really well in the field, but I have a certain fomdness for labrat!Greg so that's how I generally write/play him. It also gives me a chance to enjoy some of the lowkey technical stuff. Mass Spec is actually a lot of fun.
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Hi, I'm Chris(tine). Welcome :)

I was almost a chemist, but after a long complicated story, I had to switch to be a biologist :P Still not my first choice.

Anyways, I have had a chance to see much of your RP stuff but labrat!Greg is definitely the best kind of Greg there is :D

*Nick!pup waves*
Oh, I loves my chem:-)

You haven't seen much of my RP stuff largely because there isn't much of it there. Aside from tabletop dice games, most of my RPing is in multiverse communities, and I haven't had a chance to take Greggo to play in the Nexus yet. Stupid Senior Thesis, it's eating all my time. I'm hoping to take Greg out to play tonight or tomorrow.
That's cool. I'm a senior too. Though, I've been slacking these past few semester, not so good. Anyways, Nicky hasn't played anywhere other than in TM, so this should be fun :)

LJ didn't post my original response just now. I don't remember what I wrote :P
Hi! I'm Maryalice. :D

I .. want to be a writer, ha. Not even near the same. Obviously. But I have my nerdy side that loves bio (but fails miserably at it). Hence my CSI obsession. It's like living vicariously through them.

Annnnnywho, Greggo is wonderful. Especially as a labrat. :D

And just to copy Christine (:P)

*Mia waves*
*Greg waves*
OOC: I have that icon too! It's my favorite one of Greggo hahaha.

How've you been, Greg? *smiles*
((OOC: yeah, I'm fond of it.))

Not to bad, Mia. How's life been treating you?
OOC: ^^

It's been good. Could be better, but it could be worse. How're things?
Going pretty well. I must say, some people just have no concept of how long it takes to amplify, run, and analyze DNA. What part of "I'll give you your results as soon as I have them" do they not understand? The dayshift folks are particularly bad about that.

Don't I know it! But hey, what can you expect from those field workers?

*glances over at Nick*

Our world is a whole different one from the one they're used to. It's hard to combine the two, sometimes. But hey, we do the best we can. And they have to deal with the fact that it might take two hours.
I heard that.

*crosses his arms*
Heard what, now?

*grins* Uh huh.

You know, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Of course you don't.
Nope, I don't.

*big, cheesy smile*
Actually, you Grave Shift folks are pretty good about it. It's Ecklie's people who want everything within 20 minutes of when they hand it to me--Ecklie himself is particularly bad.

Gee, I was just kidding.

Well, you don't have to count Nick out of this one.

He's pretty damn impatient.

*big, playful smile*
((Hiya! I'm Jay. I haven't played Nick very long but hopefully I do an okay job at it. My Nick is mostly first and second season since I haven't been able to keep up with much of the show sadly. I see the occasional episode but I don't want to try and play him current in case I screw up. In other places I've played, I've played him as if Grave Danger had already happened and it went okay but for here, I'll probably stick to early Nick))
((Hi :) Early Nick is fun. I'd have to say, I don't think much happened to Nick between seasons 2 and the end of season 5. You can play him here however you'd like. My Nick isn't totally canon. He confuses people that don't realize that. :) ))